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Best Travel Books for Kids: The Ultimate List!

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Whether you’d like to teach your children about travel, explore the world from your living room, or satisfy your wanderlust while at home-introducing your children to travel books early will spark a love for travel that will last a lifetime. 

Below I’ve complied lists of the best travel books for kids, broken down by age.  I’ve also listed the suggested age range next to each book.  My son is 4 and has enjoyed many of these books, even the ones that are meant for older children.  Whatever your child’s age, interest, or reading level- you are sure to find a travel book here that your child will enjoy. 

At the end I’ve also included a list of travel activity books for kids, for when you are on the road, or in your home-dreaming about traveling.

Best Travel Books for Little Kids

Below are some of the best travel books for little kids-including babies, toddlers, and preschoolers.  Although, these books can be good for slightly older kids as well, who are learning to read.

1. The Whale and the Snail (ages, 3-7): This my favorite travel book for kids!

The Whale & the Snail features a snail who hitches a ride around the world on the tail of a whale.  This book is about adventure, friendship, humility, and teaches that everyone is important, no matter how small.  If your child is a dreamer, this book is for them!

The Snail & the Whale

2. Little Traveler Board Book Set (Mud Puppy) (ages, 0-5)

The Little Traveler Board Book set is a set of 4 board books about various landmarks, vehicles, animals and food around the world.

Little Traveler Board Book Set

3. Busy, Busy Airport, Richard Scarry (ages, 0-3)

Busy, Busy Airport is a board book by Richard Scarry, and is a great introduction to the goings on of an airport!

Busy, Busy Airport

4. Planes, Richard Scarry (ages, 0-3)

Another book by Richard Scarry, Planes is a board book and is a great introduction to airplanes, helicopters, and all things that fly!


5. Hello, World! by, Jill MacDonald

Hello World! Planet Earth

6. Hello, World! by Ashley Evanson

Hello, World! Paris: A Book of Shapes

6. Lonely Planet’s First Word Series (ages, 0-2)

Lonely Planet has a series of ‘First Words’ books for 0-2 year old’s, and also a series of ‘First Words’ and ‘First Phrases’ for older children (~6-8-see below for links to these books).

The series for littles kids are board books and are a great introduction to foreign language for babies.

Lonely Planet’s First Words: Spanish

7. Little Traveler’s Library: Four Adventures in Eight Languages (ages, 2-4)

This is a cute little board book set (4 books) that will expose your little one to foreign languages, and a variety of animals.

Little Traveler’s Library: Four Adventures in Eight Languages

8. Around the World: Follow the Trail Book (ages, 2-4)

Around the World is a great introduction to various world habitats and will keep your kid engaged with its ‘follow-the-trail’ finger mazes on each page.

Around the World: Follow the Trail

9. Baby Einstein World of Exploration: Peek-a-Flap Book (ages, 2-5)

This adorable little board book will stand up to the most relentless chewing by your littler one!!  It’s a sturdy book with peek-a-boo flaps, and is a great intro travel book for kids.  

Baby Einstein World of Exploration

10. Peppa Pig, Family Trip (3-5)

Peppa Pig goes on vacation to Italy, with her family!    This is a great intro to an international family vacation, in which Peppa and her family pack their bags, fly on a plane, meet new friends, and learn about pizza.

Peppa Pig, Family Trip

11. A Day at the Airport, Richard Scarry (ages 3-7)

Looking to introduce your kid to the airport?  A Day at the Airport provides a great overview of the inner workings of an airport, including the terminal, control tower, and runways.

A Day at the Airport

12. The Good Night Series (0-5): Everyone has heard of these books; however, who knew that they had such a variety of travel books for kids!!

The Good Night Series is a board books series written for small children; however, these books would be great travel books for children learning to read.  There are ton of these books (over 100), and I have listed as many as possible below. 

The Good Night Series is cute, easy to read, and touches on many large landmarks and cities.

The Good Night Series features general books such as Good Night World, or Good Night Ocean.  It also features a travel book on nearly every U.S. state, many cities, landmarks, and national phenomenon.  Lastly, there are a bunch of international travel books for kids, as well.

General: Good Night Books

United States: Good Night Books

U.S. Cities: Good Night Books

  • Good Night Atlanta
  • Good Night Brooklyn
  • Good Night Chicago
  • Good Night Fort Myers & Sanibel
  • Good Night Los Angeles
  • Good Night Miami
  • Good Night Orleans
  • Good Night Phoenix
  • Good Night San Antonio
  • Good Night Savannah
  • Good Night Twin Cities
  • Good Night Austin
  • Good Night Cape Cod
  • Good Night Dallas/Fort Worth
  • Good Night Honolulu
  • Good Night Martha’s Vineyard
  • Good Night Nantucket
  • Good Night New York City
  • Good Night Pittsburgh
  • Good Night San Diego
  • Good Night Seattle
  • Good Night Washington D.C.

U.S. Landmarks & Natural Phenomenon: Good Night Books

  • Good Night Central Park
  • Good Night Grand Canyon
  • Good Night Yellowstone
  • Good Night Cape Cod Seashore
  • Good Night Great Lakes
  • Good Night Yosemite

World Destinations: Good Night Books

  • Good Night Canada
  • Good Night Alberta
  • Good Night Toronto
  • Good Night Vancouver
  • Good Night Montreal
  • Good Night Rajasthan
  • Good Night Taj Mahal
  • Good Night Australia
  • Good Night Sydney
  • Good Night Great Barrier Reef
  • Good Night Hong Kong
  • Good Night Isreal
  • Good Night Mumbai
  • Good Night North Pole

13. All-Aboard Travel Series (ages, 2-5)

Another board book series, All Aboard! will have your little one exploring the world from the perspective of a train.  There are about 10 books in this series.

  • National Parks: A Wildlife Primer
  • Washington D.C: A Capitol Primer
  • Great Lakes: A Seek and Find Book
  • London: A Travel Primer
  • Texas: A See and Find Book
  • California: A Landscape Primer
  • New York: A City Primer
  • Pacific Northwest: A Recreation Primer
  • Paris: A French Prime

14. Hello! Board Book Series (ages 2-5)

This is another great series for small children.  The Hello! Series features approximately 20 books, all featuring a city, state or national park in the United States.  These are great travel books for kids as they cover a lot of material in simple English and have great pictures for those who cannot read. 

  • Hello, National Parks!
  • Hello, America!
  • Hello, Maine!
  • Hello, Florida!
  • Hello, Philadelphia!
  • Hello, Yellowstone!
  • Hello, New Orleans!
  • Hello, Chicago!
  • Hello, Vermont!
  • Hello, Rhode Island!
  • Hello, Washington D.C!
  • Hello, Rockies!
  • Hello, Boston!
  • Hello, Cape Cod!
  • Hello, San Francisco!
  • Hello, Adirondacks!
  • Hello, Brooklyn!

15. Lonely Planet Kids: Pop Up Cities (ages, 3-5)

These books are advertised as good for 3–5-year old’s; however, little kids would get great joy out of reading these books too.  The language is simple, and the pictures are bright and eye catching.  Great introduction to some of the world’s major cities!

  • Pop-up New York
  • Pop-up Paris
  • Pop-up London

Best Travel Books for Bigger Kids

Next up, books for slightly older children. Although, little kids may very well enjoy these books too!

16. A Dublin Fairytale (ages, 4-7)

As the name suggests, this book is full of mythical creatures and is about a little girl who lives in Dublin.  Fiona goes on adventures throughout Dublin, and this book is a great intro book for kids to Ireland, and Irish folklore.  

17-18. Pete the Cat Books (ages, 4-8)

Pete the Cat’s Family Road Trip:

Great introduction to road trips, flat tires, and American landmarks.  Pete the Cat’s Family Road Trip is a great book for kids who are learning to sound out words and sentences.

Pete the Cat Goes Camping:

As the name suggests, Pete the Cat goes camping, hiking, and hangs out by the campfire.  This book will stoke your kids interest in the great outdoors, and is a great intro book for camping with kids.  Like the Road Trip book, this book is great for kids who are learning to sound out words and sentences.

19. Super Wings: Meet the Super Wings (ages, 4-8)

If you are unfamiliar with Super Wings the cartoons- it is a cartoon about various cultures and places around the world.  This board book is a great introduction to the Super Wings characters.  

20. A Ticket Around the World (ages, 5-8)

Take a tour of thirteen countries and learn how children live around the world.  Follow a young boy on his journey around the world as he introduces us to new customs, language, food, wildlife, geography, and landmarks.

21. National Geographic Kids (ages, 4-8)

These National Geographic Littles Kids ‘First Big’ Books are akin to reference books for kids!  Beautiful illustrations, colors, photos, and written in a way that kids can understand-the books in this series are the perfect travel books for kids!

  • National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of the World
  • National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Animals
  • National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of the Ocean
  • National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Where
  • National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Who

22. Oh the Places You’ll Go (5-8)

The quintessential travel and inspiration book by Dr. Suess.   Technically a children’s book, this book shares a timeless message for both kids and adults alike.

23. Molly & The Magic Suitcase Series (ages, 6-8)

Follow Molly and Michael around the Globe in this 6 Volume Molly and the Magic Suitcase Series!    Molly and her brother Michael travel around the world via their magic suitcase and explore new cultures, food, culture, language, and make new friends everywhere they go.

  • Molly Goes to London
  • Molly Goes to Rome
  • Molly Goes to Shanghai
  • Molly Goes to Peru
  • Molly Goes to Puerto Rico
  • Molly Goes to Barcelona
  • Molly Goes to Sydney
  • Molly Goes to Thailand
  • Molly Goes to Panama
  • Molly Goes to Copenhagen
  • Molly Goes to Rio de Janeiro
  • The Story Suitcase

24. Lonely Planet Kids, Lift-The-Flap Atlas (ages, 6-8)

Another book by Lonely Planet Kids, that is a great travel books for kids! The Lift the Flap Atlas book provides nicely illustrated pictures of all 7 continents, with over 100 flaps for kids to explore. 

25. Lonely Planet Kids: First Phrases (5-8)

These books are an extension of the First Words books for smaller children, as these books are appropriate for grade school aged children.  These books are a great introduction to foreign languages for elementary aged school children.

Best Chapter Travel Books for Older Kids (ages, 8-12)

26. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul (ages, 8-12)

Going on a family road trip?  Most people will recognize the ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ series, and this one is all about the Heffley’s family road trip!  This is a great book for older elementary aged children to teach them about adventure, flexibility, and the importance of spending time with family.

27. The Shield of Horatius: A Molly & Michael Mystery (ages, 9-12)

A Molly and Michael chapter book takes older readers on an adventure through the streets of Rome.  Molly & Michael befriend Marco Vittorini and help him to solve a puzzle while exploring the churches, museums, and landmarks of Rome.

28. This Is Series (ages, 7-12)

A Molly and Michael chapter book takes older readers on an adventure through the streets of Rome.  Molly & Michael befriend Marco Vittorini and help him to solve a puzzle while exploring the churches, museums, and landmarks of Rome.

  • This is the World
  • This is Hong Kong
  • This is Isreal
  • This is London
  • This is New York
  • This is Wahington D.C.
  • This is America
  • This is Australia
  • This is Greece
  • This is Rome
  • This is Venice
  • This is San Francisco
  • This is Ireland
  • This is Britain
  • This is Paris
  • This is Edinburgh
  • This is Munich
  • This is Texas

29. Lonely Planet Kids, City Trails Series (ages, 9-12)

Each City Trails book profiles the food, culture, history, and landscape of a different city.  These books are long enough-at approximate 100 pages- and each book has a themed ‘trail’ that weaves its way through the secrets and cultural surprises of each city.

  • City Trails: Paris
  • City Trails: Barcelona
  • Sydney, City Trails
  • City Trails: London
  • Washington, D.C.: City Trails
  • Rome, City Trails
  • City Trails: New York
  • Singapore, City Trails
  • Tokyo, City Trails

30. The Travel Book (ages, 9-12)

The Travel book, by Lonely Planet Kids, is a “journey through every country in the world.”   This beautifully illustrated, thoughtfully written book is a great guide or reference book for kids- and serves as a thorough intro to world travel. 

31. America’s National Parks (ages, 9-12)

Another fantastic reference book by Lonely Planet Kids!  America’s National Parks profiles 60 of the U.S.’s National parks in a way that is engaging and interesting for children.  Through the photos in this book you can explore many of America’s national parks from the comfort of your home, and pick out which parks to visit as a family!

32. Amazing World Atlas (ages, 9-12)

A great introductory atlas for kids, by Lonely Planet Kids!  Amazing World Atlas profiles all seven continents and is jam packed with facts, photos, and beautiful images that are sure to engage even the most knowledgeable kid.

33. National Geographic Kids: National Parks Guide USA (ages, 8-12)

You’d expect nothing less from National Geographic Kids-than this stunningly photographed, well-organized profile of America’s National Parks!  This book dives deep into the uniqueness of each park, and describes animals, topography, and interesting facts about each park.

Best Travel Activity Books for Kids

Check out the list below for travel related activity books to keep your kiddos occupied on road trips, airplane trips, or lazy days at home. The list on the left are travel activity books appropriate for smaller kids, and the column on the right are more appropriate for older children.

  • Maze Book: Follow Me Around the World (Finger Mazes) (ages 0-5)
  • On the Plane, Activity Book (ages 3-6)
  • Little Traveler Bingo (Mudpuppy, ages, 3-6)
  • Highlight’s Travel Mazes (ages 3-6)
  • Airplane Coloring + Activity Book (ages, 4-8)
  • National Geographic Kids Ocean Animals Sticker Activity Book: Over 1,000 Stickers (ages, 4-8)
  • Hidden Pictures Around the World (ages 5+)
  • In the Wild-Sticker by Letter (ages, 5-10, although, smaller children can enjoy this book too)
  • The Travel Activity Book (ages, 6-8)
  • Aventures Aournd the Globe: Packed Full of Maps (ages, 6-8)
  • Let’s Explore Mountain (ages, 6-8)
  • Let’s Explore Ocean (ages, 6-8)
  • Travel Journal for Kids (ages, 6-9)
  • Highlight’s Travel Puzzels (ages, 6-9)
  • Highlight’s Travel Games (ages, 6-9)
  • The Ultimate Travel Journal for Kids (ages, 6-9)
  • National Geographic: Ultimate US Road Trip Atlas (ages, 8-12)


Any one of these books is a great way to teach your kids about the world, other cultures, and to ignite that love of travel in your kids. Drop me a message below with your family travel book for kids!

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  3. Wow! This is an INCREDIBLE list! I taught myself an awful lot of French and German vocabulary with a Richard Scarry’s dictionary I loved as a kid, so I’d probably default to “A Day at the Airport,” but I know how big Peppa Pig is for kiddos today, so I might have to get that, too!

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