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Cozy Cover Portable Highchair Review

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Over the past three years, I’ve been to numerous places where I’ve needed to impromptu strap my kid to a chair- restaurants, friends’ houses, and even the gym.  This is why I was delighted to find the Cozy Cover portable highchair on a clearance shelf at Walmart.  I picked up the Cozy Cover on a whim, and I am glad that I did! It has its limitations, but for the price, size, and actual benefits- it’s worth it.   

Cozy Cover East Street Portable Highchair, strapped over wooden chair.

What is the Cozy Cover?

The Cozy Cover is a portable highchair that you fit over the back of a chair and that acts like a harness.  It’s easy to use, and folds down into a carry bag that fits in your diaper bag or purse. 

Why I like the Cozy Cover: Pros

Ease of Use: You simply slide it over the top of a chair, buckle behind the seat, slide the child in, and buckle the kid in. Anything that makes life easier, with a baby or a toddler, is a win!

Portability: You can literally fold this thing down, shove it in its little carry bag, and put it in your diaper bag or purse. It doesn’t get much more portable than that!

It’s Not Fancy: No special equipment needed; you can use it anywhere that they have chairs- which is just about anywhere.

5-point harness: Who doesn’t love a 5-point harness? You’re not gonna escape from this one, kiddo!

Machine washable: This one is pretty self-explanatory.

Downsides to the Cozy Cover: Cons

Need a Low-Backed Chair: The Cozy Cover doesn’t work well over high-backed chairs. The torso section of the Cozy Cover just isn’t long enough. 

Not Table Level: The Cozy Cover is essentially a harness, not a booster seat, and as such, doesn’t bring a baby/toddler up to table level, like a highchair would.

No Food Table: It doesn’t have a food table, as a highchair would. This isn’t that big of a deal, because by the time the kid is eating table food, they’ll be near table height.  One solution to this is to simply put the plate of food in the kid’s lap.

Push Off Table: Depending on where the child’s feet hit under the table, and how strong the child is, they may be able to push themselves backward off the table. To combat this, don’t push the baby up against the table. Alternatively, you can put the back of the chair up against a wall (so it can’t tip backward).

Pulling Stuff Down: Because it doesn’t have its own ‘table,’ if you put the kiddo right up against the table, they may pull stuff down. This’ll depend on how old your child is and their ability to sit well at the ‘big’ table.   


The Cozy Cover has the following specifications:

  • It has a 5-point harness.
  • The baby should be able to sit up on their own.
  • The Cozy Corner is appropriate for children approximately six months old through 35lbs (about 36 months).


I used the Cozy Cover portable highchair mostly for containment purposes, but it is also useful as a highchair.  Also, if your kiddo is strong enough, I’d recommend not using it right up against the table so the kid can’t push themselves backward.  I’d also never leave the kid unattended while harnessed into the Cozy Corner.  But overall, a useful tool in the travel gear toolkit!

I purchased the Cozy Cover Easy Seat myself, and received no compensation for this review. As always, all opinions are my own.

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